Riga Black Balsam

Black Currant

Item Type: Spirit

Country: Latvia

ABV: 30% (60 Proof)

All Natural Ingredients (no added colors or synthetic flavors)

Product Description: Unique single-barrel infusion technology is used in the crafting process. Botanicals are infused in a spirit-water mix to create the “Riga Black Balsam essence”. After that, the essence is blended with the rest of the ingredients, including honey, caramel, natural juices, and bottled in natural clay bottles that retain the original unique appeal and preserve the qualities of the drink.

Tasting Notes: A contemporary international bitter featuring the original Riga Black Balsam herbal bitter enrich with natural Nordic blackcurrant juice for a new flavor experience. A perfect harmony of sweet and sour flavors with mature berry aroma.

Cocktail suggestions: Enjoy this neat on the rocks, mixed with tonic or soda water, or as a perfect base spirit for any type of cocktail.