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From taverns to the world wine market: Casa Vinicola Caldirola has been a story of success for more than a hundred years, and is now known for its wide range of wines.


Casa Vinicola Caldirola was Founded in 1897

In 1897, Caldirola began as a small tavern/wine shop in Contra, a hamlet of Missaglia in the Lombardia region, where the winery can still be found to this day. Initially, in the early 1900s, Caldirola had humble beginnings, only selling small batches of wine to local restaurants and stores.

Today, they are a major supplier to Italian supermarkets of both brand and private labels, and one of the premier wine producers in the region of Lombardia. Their facilities have evolved to become highly technological and automated, structured on the concept of ever more efficient distribution and oriented to large-scale retail.

Caldirola has a history of using sports as a medium for brand awareness. In 1990, they produced a special edition private label for the FIFA World Cub, which took place in Italy. This brand became extremely successful with the tournament. Additionally, cycling champions have worn the Caldirola logo on their uniforms as they traversed Europe’s races. Caldirola has successfully been able to merge their old world values with a progressive agenda. They’ve been able to adapt to the current world market without sacrificing the authenticity & quality of their products.

Votto Vines | Prosti Group | Caldirola

Varietals / Wines Grown

More than 60 varietal wines and blends from multiple regions and appellations including but not limited to Pinot Grigio, Glera, Moscato, Montepulciano, Nero d’Avola, and more.


Spritzatto Aperitivo Originale

Description: “Spritzatto Aperitivo Originale” is an aperitivo prepared with sparkling wine, Italian spirits and aromas, and sparkling water. Deep ruby orange in color. On the nose it has scents of citrus fruits and herbs with tropical notes. On the palate it is both sweet & bitter, with fresh taste and notes of orange and grapefruit. Ideal as an aperitif.

No mixology required! Perfect for any occasion. Pour over ice & enjoy. Screw cap.

Naturally gluten free.

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Votto Vines | Prosti Group | Caldirola | Spritzatto
Votto Vines | Prosti Group | Caldirola | Spritzatto