Smugglers’ Notch (Vermont)

Blend No. 802 Gin

Item Type: Spirit

Country: United States

44% ABV (88 Proof)

Product Notes: Blend No. 802 is a true distilled gin created in small batches in a re-distillation process that produces premium 88 proof gin. Suspending a fusion of organic juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, and select aromatic botanicals in the gin still vapor path produces delicate juniper, citrus, spicy, and floral aromas and a long, smooth, velvety cascade of intriguing flavors.

Cocktail Suggestions: The perfect gin for a Negroni or Cosmo. Excellent on the rocks or mixed with tonic water.

Wine Enthusiast: “This is scented with a lively mix of juniper, citrus and anise aromas, and on the palate, the anise note pushes forward, and it finishes with a candied citrus-peel touch. It’s a small-batch gin with a velvety texture, and it’s recommended for gimlets and other citrus-forward cocktails.”

90 points, Wine Enthusiast