Smugglers’ Notch (Vermont)


Item Type: Spirit

Country: United States

40% ABV (80 Proof)

Product Notes: A subtle, yet flavorful and incredibly smooth pour. Combines winter wheat and corn with Mount Mansfield’s spring water. A product of unparalleled quality with a hint of sweetness and smoothness.

Cocktail Suggestions: Combined with ginger beer and lime juice for a Moroccan Rose Mule. Combined with lemon juice and simple syrup for the perfect lemon drop martini. Excellent on the rocks or mixed with sparkling water.

Wine Enthusiast: “This clean, neutral vodka made from winter wheat and corn is just the ticket for those who value absolute purity in their vodka. The scent is clean and citrusy, the flavor light and smooth, with just a hint of spicy tingle on the finish.”

95 points, Wine Enthusiast