Non-Alcoholic Blueberry Ginger Mint

Item Type: Non-Alcoholic

Country: United States

Calories per serving: 13 calories per 1.5 oz serving

Tasting Notes: Masterfully distilled by craft distillers, Amethyst Blueberry Ginger Mint is blended with carefully curated botanicals and invigorating fruits. It has notes of ginger and mint that add an extra zing and freshness to the drink.

This is the perfect introductory botanic spirit for a non-alcoholic novice. All you need are these two bottles to make delectable cocktails sans alcohol! Gift this to your friends, family, or keep it for yourself for days when you’re feeling the urge to imbibe without the guilt.

Created in Bluffton, South Carolina, Amethyst Blueberry Ginger Mint is a fantastic botanic spirit alternative that has the fresh touch of ginger and mint while also being subtly sweet. It won the Silver medal at the 2022 LA Spirit competition. Amethyst Blueberry Ginger Mint is rooted in the inclusive spirits of wellness and balance. Even without alcohol among its contents, the Amethyst  Blueberry Ginger Mint delivers the same burn that you have been craving.