Sir. James 101

Ready-to-Drink Bitter Aperitif Spritz (Alcohol Free)

Item Type: Non-Alcoholic

Origin: The Netherlands

95 calories per bottle (8.4 oz)

Tasting Notes: This drink has lots to offer. Sir. James 101 wanted you to taste more than just bitters. In addition, he has been looking for freshness with a twist of orange and herbs. The result is a sophisticated drink to be enjoyed at every occasion.

Natural flavours and extracts of orange and herbs like rosemary, sage, clove and nutmeg are used to make this drink. This will make you find many flavours while tasting the drink. the aroma is fresh with hints of orange and herbs followed by a fresh bitter taste and a light sparkling finish.
The Spritz should be enjoyed by itself straight out of the bottle with garnish of orange slices!

Europe Wine & Spirits Trophy – Gold 2021